Cars, bikes—and equity—as supes consider road closure in Golden Gate Park – 48 hills – 48 Hills

The prolonged, prolonged saga of automotives on JFK Drive in Gpreviousen Gate Park will come to a head Tuesday/26 when the Board of Supes, sitting As a Outcome of the County Transportation Authority, will confacetr whether or not to undertake a measure closing the road to automotives completely.

We’ve been talking about this for about half a century. It’s not So straightforward As a Outcome of it sounds.

When The metropolis agreed To close the road on Sundays, method again in 1967, it created An excellent recreation alternative. Each my youthfulsters found to journey bikes on JFK Drive on Sundays. Hundreds and thousands of San Franciscans have taken benefit of the automotive-free day, and when the climate Is candy, it’s actually festive: People dance, and curler skate, and stroll, and run, and journey.

Tito and Claesine weave round completely different skaters at Skatin’ Place in Gpreviousen Gate Park. Photograph by Lucas Thornton.

And virtually as quickly As a Outcome of the Sunday closures turned An monumental hit, people started talking about Saturdays. Back Inside the Nineteen Nineties, when the late Warren Hellman was main a advertising campaign To assemble an underground storage for the rebuilt DeYoung Museum, activist pushed for a deal: You’d like a storage To usher in automotives for rich People who Want a useful Method to get to events On the museum? Give us Saturday road closures.

That by no implys occurred.

After which the Pandemic hit, and The metropolis shutd both JFK and The good Highmethod, As properly as to A lot of completely different metropolis roads, To current everyone A spot to go outfacet, wright here The possibilities of an infection have been decrease. This, as quickly as extra, was extensively properly-appreciated, at first.

Now The cas quickly aspt road closures Might be everlasting, we’re seeing some critical political disagreement, and at occasions it’s acquiredten actually nasty. I ran two opeds Regarding The good Highmethod closure, one in favor and one as quickly as extrast; because I gave Every facet a discussion board, people on Twitter actually accused me of promoting out to the Petpositionum Enterprise (and requested if 48hills acquired money from oil corporations; um, no).

That is the Sort of factor We’re seeing now—an assault on Sup. Connie Chan, who labored for a compromise on The good Highmethod:

Neverthemuch less it’s not simply environmentalists as quickly as extrast People who Want to drive All by way of the place and ruInside the planet. Sup. Shamann Walton has taken the place thOn the everlasting closure of JFK Drive is “leisure redlining.”

Not everyone can get to the park on the bus or journey A motorcycle. (I admit: When my youthfulsters have been little, We’d (gasp) drive to the park with the bikes in a rack on the again, as many completely different people did and do. …….


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